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People Strategy Leaders Podcast

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Are you an organizational leader, people specialist, HR strategist or a people manager who is shaping the future of work and have a story to tell? Be a guest on our People Strategy Leaders Podcast and share your story with the world.

If you're looking to share insights into the future of work, or advice on how to motivate and engage your talent, join the guest list today.

Let's do a great show together, and we can promote you to our audience on our social media channels, YouTube, website, and email list.

People Strategy Leaders Podcast
People Strategy Leaders Podcast Host, Sri Chellappa

People Strategy

Leaders Podcast Host,

Sri Chellappa

About the host

Srikant Chellappa, the host of The People Strategy Leaders Podcast, is the Co-Founder and President of Engagedly, award-winning performance management and employee engagement software. He has over 20 years of experience in leading organizations in software development and consulting in the US. With a unique background in technology, people management, IT healthcare, and film writing, directing, and production, he brings a diverse set of experiences across industries and specialties to build high-performing, highly engaged organizations. He's been a frequent guest on eminent industry related podcasts himself.

About Engagedly

Engagedly, is a leading SaaS based HR Tech employee enablement and engagement platform for mid-market organizations who are looking for an employee centric performance management software.

Guest qualification requirements

  • You're a key decision maker, President, COO, CHRO, VPO, Head or VP of HR, VP of Talent Management, Management Consultant, HR Analyst or Head of Employee Experience or Engagement.

  • You're an entrepreneur and are successful, and who can share an impactful/inspirational success story.

  • You belong to an organization having a people centric purpose and actively engaging your people in your mission.

  • You/your organization has at least 200 or more employees.

Application to be on 'People Strategy Leaders' podcast

  • Please check the guest requirements listed above to see if you would be a good fit before applying. Thank you!

  • Assistants & PR Agencies: Please supply the GUEST'S contact information for scheduling/confirmation purposes.

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After application is submitted

  • Our vetting team will review the application and reach back out to you with instructions to book on the calendar.

  • When the appointment is booked, Sri (Host) will share some vital tips (via video) to help you connect with our audience, gain some great exposure, and hopefully encourage some great connections and customers from our audience.

  • Enjoy the interview with Sri via Zoom.

  • We'll produce all the assets, social media posts, and even video clips to promote our appearance.

  • We hope that your appearance leads to great customer and partner opportunities.

Some final tech tips



We'll be recording on Zoom VIDEO.

We will likely grab a couple 30-60 second video snippets of our chat to promote you to our audience. Try to be well-lit, so we can see your smiling face!

Download Zoom (free) here

Please have a quality microphone ready to go prior to our interview. Gaming headsets and internal laptop microphones are usually very poor quality and will require rescheduling our interview.

3 Good Mic Options

Order this on Amazon and you can have it in 2 days. If you would like to do more podcast interviews, this is something you'll want to have.

As a last resort, Apple Airpods and Airpod Pros are typically okay quality.

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